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Bali Activities For Families

Bali Activities For Families – Above all, below is the list of kid-friendly things to do in Bali, that can be used as your holiday guide and choose what to do in Bali with kids. Also, I am a father of three children, some of the best places to visit in Bali with kids below based on my son’s opinion and my opinion.

  1. Bali Zoo Gianyar
    That is to say, one of the most list itineraries in Bali to do for kids takes your children visiting the zoo. Firstly, one of the best zoos in Bali that you can get is Bali Zoo Gianyar. Home of 350 animals, including rare animals such as Orangutan, Sumatran Tiger, and sun bear.
    Also, there are many programs Bali Zoo Gianyar has to offer to entertain your children. For example, you can start your day and discover the unique breakfast with Orangutan in Bali Zoo. Strolling in the Kampung Sumatera area, you would find endemic Indonesian animals such as Sumatran tiger, Orangutan, Elephants, Sun bear, and so on. You could especially see 360 views from their glasses rooftop.
  2. Waterbom Bali
    Next on things to do in Bali with kids, is Waterbom Bali. Even though the ticket price for Waterbom Bali is slightly high for my budget, but every four months, I will take my children to have a holiday in Waterbom Bali. Above all, Waterbom Bali is a human-made water park. Also, Tripadvisor, Waterbom Bali rank number one in Asia as the best water park.
    Furthermore, there are 13 types of a thrilling and fun ride with many other optional activities that your kids can join. So, for sure, three hours in Waterbom Park Bali, won’t be enough for your children to have fun. In this case, food and beverage will be necessary. Due to Waterbom Park, Bali is not allowing visitors to bring food or drink; then, you have to buy it at the Waterbom Park Bali.
  3. Bali Safari Marine Park
    So, if your kids love to see animals, the Bali Safari Marine Park is one of the best places to visit in Bali with children. That is to say, one of the most popular activities at the Bali Safari Marine Park is a safari journey.
    Furthermore, a safari trip is an event to see many animals all around Bali Safari Marine Park. Therefore, participants will ride on shield minibus, and the only way can be open from outside of the car. So, with shield minibus, you and your kids, see an animal from Africa and Asia. So to make it easier for you to know more about the Bali Safari Marine Park, check out on the below video!
  4. Bali Bird Park
    Next on the best thing to do in Bali with kids is Bali Bird Park. Furthermore, if you and your families want to see 250 kinds of bird species from Indonesia, Latin America, Africa, and Australia, Bali Bird Park is the best place to visit in Bali with families. By visiting Bali Bird Park, your kids can have some knowledge about bird species.
  5. Segway GWK Bali
    Meanwhile, you have heard about the Segway vehicle. Therefore, if you want to ride it, you should visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana Bali, also well-known as GWK Bali. Most kids, when they ride Segway at GWK Bali, always want more. So, your kids will drive and glide around the Lotus Pond of GWK Bali.

Also, if you find other activities or attractions than suitable for kid-friendly things to do in Bali, please don’t hesitate to leave your opinion on the comment form below. If we find your suggestion of activities or attraction meets kid-friendly things to do in Bali, I am more than pleasing to add it to the list. Bali Activities For Families