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Bali Cruise Price

Bali Cruise Price – Let’s join one of our interesting day trip, Jungle Hopper Package + Romantic Dinner Cruise, where you will be invited to visit Bali Safari & Marine Park, and also experience romantic sunset dinner cruise with Bali Hai Cruise.

On this day trip, we will collect you from your Bali hotel or villa and take you to our first destination of the day which is Bali Safari & Marine Park to enjoy Jungle Hopper package until finish at 16.00 pm. The trip continue to visit Benoa Harbour to join Bali Hai Cruise where you are able to spend a tropical evening in Bali with you partner.

An unbelievable safari experience in unforgettable nature ranging from the Sumatra and Sumatran Tigers jungles to the Manyara and African hippos. You can enjoy more than 60 species, including several rare species including Orang Utan, Komodo and Bali Mynah as well as many more, in the Bali Safari & Marine Park.

Explore hundreds of animals and enjoy them. This is a great adventure excursion through Indonesia and Bali Islands through Indian and African habitats. This is one of the most exciting adventure trips in the Park. Taking into account the lives of so many animals, visitors can naturally see the animals live out in open spaces and take as many pictures as they want, so you can prepare your best shootings on our tram while driving.

You will personally take the comfort and safety of your climate-friendly safari and understand our guide’s natural wilderness. Make your best efforts to see the tigers in the jungle, captivate and approach the tremendous dimensions of our White Rhinos on the side of the window. Go to’ Manyara Lake’ where Hippopotamus remains cool throughout the day and get closer to counting the number of zebra bands.

The fine blend of a world-famous Bali Safari Park zoo and a fun park, full of fun. For everyone who loves animals and wants to have a beach day off.

The Legend of Balinese Goddesses is a cast of 150 artists, 40 puppets and over 30 animals, including 10 elephants, from Tuesday to Sunday. Unique to Balinese artists and a worldwide famous production team.

You are invited to the Water Park in crystal clear water besides safaris and animal displays. Two swimming pools for children and adults, a few water slides.. You can play and swim in the ever-ending water pool.

The Highlight of Bali Safari and Marine Park Activities:

  • FRESH WATER: Meet the ferocious Fresh Water Aquarium Piranhas. The aquarium has many fish collections of Indonesia, South America and Africa in its open space design.
  • SAFARI JOURNEY: an exciting safari journey will take you through the wild life areas of Indonesia, India and Africa in an adventure with a special tram bus that takes you to the wildlife area.
  • ANIMALE SHOW: The show is fun, but also informative. The Safari Ranger shares stories and fun facts that promote greater wildlife understanding. Starting with’ domesticated’ animals, as the Safari Ranger mentions, like these, there will be a flurry of animals on stage: guinea pigs scurry, dogs rushing past, cats sapping and climbing. Of course snakes are on the show too; the audience is wrapped in two huge pythons, some of whom shy away from the slithering reptiles, and the curious children can be seen, excited and inching to get a touch or look. Then the mammals take stage and perhaps they are two of the four lovely–highly intelligent–Orangutans who steal the show
  • HARIMAU/TIGER SHOW: the disappearing tiger population of an attractive storey world. Opening a grand – pageant on Balinese history and myth, the show reveals these great cats ‘ native skills in hunting, climbing and swimming.
  • ELEPHANT SHOW: Gentle giants want to connect to and tell the story with an education show for Elephant. Sumatran Elephants park provides an inspiring performance that emphasizes the need to maintain the harmony between nature and human life.
  • BALI AGUNG SHOW: a journey through magic theater performance, a journey that emphasizes the rich Bali culture.
  • WATER PARK, Wet and wild in the park, enjoy water slides, have fun in the children’s pool, have a fun program for the day. Bali Cruise Price

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Then  we continuing on joining on Bali Hai Sunset dinner cruise :  In Bali, there is no better way than on Bali Hai’s Sunset Dinner Cruise to spend a tropical night. Watch the colors of the sky change from a hint of colour to shades of deeper orange, violet and blue while you cruise down the harbor and sip a drink on the Bali Hai II open-air top deck. This time you make the splendid photographs and memories of your life.

We start a relaxing cruiser in the South Bali Benoa Harbor on our luxury catarma Bali Hai II. You will enjoy our live musical entertainers in the cool night air on the top deck. Afterwards, you can dance at our disco or enjoy our live cabaret show with a delicious international buffet dinner. Our Bali Hai Sunset Cruise is for the whole family so take the children with them to enjoy the parties. Bali Cruise Price