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Bali Swing Ubud

The Bali Swing in Ubud has been one of the many destinations that have caught Instagram travelers’ attention in the last few years. Let me guess. You must have spotted this surreal Bali swing on Instagram. What’s so special about this Bali Swing Ubud? And why has it become so populer? Well, among the many things that Bali is known for, this swing in Bali nestling amidst a thick canopy of tropical jungles carpeted with terraced rice fields is one of the best Instagram spots in Bali.
The original one’s splendid location has been the top reason, but did you know there are at least eight more Bali swings that are worth checking out?
In this guide, you will find out everything about the original swing in Bali and the other famous Bali Swings and Ubud Swings to pick the ones you want to explore on the amazing Bali trip.

Where is the Swing in Bali?
How to get to Bali Swing?
What is the best time to go to the Bali Swing Ubud?
Is the Bali Swing safe?
What is Bali Swing Ubud Price?
What is the best Swing in Bali?
What is the Bali Swing Ubud opening time?
What to expect from Real Bali Swing?
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These things have made the swings in Bali very famous. In this section below, check out all the things about the real Bali swing, followed by the others that you might want to check out as well.

Where is the Swing in Bali?
If you wonder where the swing is in Bali, you might be referring to the original one. The first Bali swing, also the most famous Bali swing, is located in Ubud, nicknamed ‘the giant swing in Bali’.

There are 15 different single swings in Bali park here, along with three tandem swings.

There are also 6 beautifully decorated bird nests and 4 huge stones to style for the best Instagram shooting.

Thanks to its immense populerity, it is one of the top attractions. This real Bali swing is not hard to locate at all, about 15km from Ubud center. This is the location – Jl. Dewi Saraswati No.7, Bongkasa Pertiwi, Abiansemal, Kabupaten Bandung, which you can find on Google Maps here.

How to get to Bali Swing?
The best way of getting to the Bali Swing from Ubud is by renting a bike, and it takes about 25 minutes to reach Ubud if there is no traffic, but it might take more time during the peak hours of traffic.

If you idea to get to the Bali Swing from Kuta, Seminyak, or Canggu, it will take at least 1.5 hours or more as the traffic gets worse sometimes.

If you are not comfortable with renting motorbikes, you can avail of the free shuttle to Bali Swing, which runs every day from 9 AM until 3 PM, which runs four times a day.

On the expensive side, the other option is renting a car, for which you can obtain better prices by negotiatin.

What is the best time to go to the Bali Swing Ubud?
As you can expect, the Bali Swing, being the most populer, receives the highest pengunjungs throughout the year. The peak hours mean you have to wait for your turn in long queues to akses the swings.

If you are looking for the best settings for taking epic photos of this swing, it is best to get here early in the morning when the sunlight is soft and is optimal for great photos.

If you are here within 8 AM, preferably around the time they open, you can avoid the lines, get to spend more time without crowds.

Is the Bali Swing Ubud safe?

Swings in Bali will have some risk but be assured that all the swing parks in Bali have had to up their security and safety standars in recent years – thanks to big crowds, the terkenality, and a few unfortunate accidents – all these reasons forcing them to provide safe swings.

So it is safe to get on these Bali swings. If you perasaan the controller might push you high and forcefully, then you can always tell them not to do so if that makes you uncomfortable, or even go on your pace of the swings without their help.

You may not rileks these swings in Bali if you are afraid of heights, though. So in case that is your reason, you can try to go for the ones with the harnesses that hold you firmly tied to the swing, in case you are afraid of falling off the swing.

Although these harnesses were optional earlier, now almost all these Bali swing parks have rules to procure a harness if you like to use any of the swings – which should ease your safety concerns!

If you are unsure about safety, check with the operators, and asking for safety procedures and protocols is not a bad idea.

What is Bali Swing Ubud Price?
The official Bali Swing is the most expensive of all the swings in Bali. If you want unlimited time on the swings, akses to the nests, lunch, and pick up from Ubud Palace point, the Bali swing price per pribadi costs around USD 40. At an additional ongkos, you can also opt to be picked up from your hotel directly.

You can also pay only for the photos and not use the swings too, which costs around 10 to 15 USD, depending upon the season.

Booking the Bali Swing
I’d highly suggest you book the tickets in advance and skip the queues. Check below to reserve your Bali swing tickets.

What is the best Swing in Bali?
So which is the best Bali Swing – Well, it depends on what you are looking for. If you want the original swing pengalaman along with stunning backdrops for those perfect Instagram pictures, head to the original Swing in Bali Ubud.

However, thanks to the swings’ terkenality, you have many other swings in Bali offering similar or better views, added attractions, and activities, giving you more options.

If you want the views, pick the original Bali Swing. Although they are the most expensive ones, they are safer, the park is fenomenal, and the views are incredible.

If you want something cheaper but a great location, check out Tegalalang swings, or gagasan a trip to Wanagiri Hidden Hills. No matter where you go, Bali’s swings are a unique pengalaman that you must add to your itinerary.

What is the Bali Swing Ubud opening time?
The original Bali Swing opens at 8 AM, which is the best time to be here. The park is open up to 5 PM.

If you want to arrive by their free shuttle, the pickup from town doesn’t start until 9 AM. So the place can get crowded by the time you reach if you rely on the free shuttle. Hence, it is best to use another transport mode if you gagasan a Bali Swing park trip.

What to expect from Real Bali Swing?
The location of these swings is Beautiful, and you will end up loving the sweeping panoramic views. But since it is very terkenal, expect large crowds most of the time. You may not rileks it here if you are looking for something offbeat or secluded.

You will have to pay to wait in long lines to get your spots on nests and swings and get those Instagram pictures. Expect waiting periods unless you are among the first few in the early morning.

Bali is humid and hot no matter the time of the year, which means you will most likely be dripping with sweat wearing those pretty dresses.
Speaking of dresses, if you don’t have one in your backpack, don’t worry. You can go for Bali swing dresses for penyewaan, which are available there in the park.